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Cc: Pope Benedict XVI

April 26, 2010

The Catholic Church has proved once again that it lacks a sense of humour. And a good PR department.

Many representatives of the Catholic Church came out to say that the leaked Foreign Office memo on ideas for the Papal visit (see below) is “appalling” while the Rt Rev Malcolm McMahon was quoted as saying “It’s outlandish and outrageous to assume that any of the ideas are in any way suitable for the Pope.” Because taking a harder line on child-abuse would be ridiculous…

Rather than jump up & down complaining that the document was disrespectful, they should have thought seriously about the way they’re currently viewed as an organisation. Semi-Joke memo vs systematic cover-up of prolonged child abuse? I know which one most rational people would decide needs the biggest apology.

The British press didn’t help matters. The hypocritical Telegraph broke the exclusive story calling the proposals in the memo “astonishing” & claiming it “ridiculed the Catholic Church’s teachings”. This comes only weeks after they reported further revelations about serious child abuse in the same organisation that they are now seemingly defending. Why? Because even if a religious organisation is found to have committed atrocious crimes against humanity they apparently still deserve respect.

I actually think this has some pretty good points on it:

• Launch of ‘Benedict’ condoms
• Review of Vatican attitude on condom use
• Bless a civil partnership
• Reversal on policy on women bishops/ordain woman
• Open an abortion ward
• Speech on equality
• Statement on views over adoption (change of stance)
• Training course for all bishops on child abuse allegations
• Harder line on child abuse – announce sacking of dodgy bishops
• Vatican sponsorship for network of AIDS clinics
• Meet young unemployed people
• Apologise for…
• Canonise/pseudo canonise a group
• Announce whistle blowing system for child abuse cases
• Go to job centre
• Debate on abortion
• All catholic schools should be free entry to all
• Speech on democracy
• Vatican and C of E funded committee on dialogue
• Launch helpline for abused children

The junior official responsible for said memo should have been transferred…he could really help the Pope out right now…

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  1. April 27, 2010 12:10 PM

    I hadn’t seen the full list, it’s pretty good actually. I don’t see what’s so offensive about this compared to not addressing all these problems…

  2. Justin permalink
    May 1, 2010 3:13 AM

    How topical

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