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August 27, 2010

So reading about postmodernism and have a long way to go. This last two paragraphs of this article are a good take on society’s current status although the rest is less interesting I appreciated the description of the trance:

“This pseudo-modern world, so frightening and seemingly uncontrollable, inevitably feeds a desire to return to the infantile playing with toys which also characterises the pseudo-modern cultural world. Here, the typical emotional state, radically superseding the hyper-consciousness of irony, is the trance – the state of being swallowed up by your activity. In place of the neurosis of modernism and the narcissism of postmodernism, pseudo-modernism takes the world away, by creating a new weightless nowhere of silent autism. You click, you punch the keys, you are ‘involved’, engulfed, deciding. You are the text, there is no-one else, no ‘author’; there is nowhere else, no other time or place. You are free: you are the text: the text is superseded.”

And he mentions something I remeber Christian objecting to: 

“mix-and-matching of individual tracks on to an iPod….rendering the idea of the album as a coherent work of art, a body of integrated meaning, obsolete”

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  1. August 27, 2010 2:49 PM

    Will have a read. Sorry haven’t been replying to your comments, battling away with a stupid egyptian virus. I do hate shuffling albums though…

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