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It’s not bashing…it’s pointing out moronity

November 4, 2010

Carl & I went to an Intelligence Squared debate last night on Christian bashing anf whether Britain is becoming an anti-Christian country. The debate was interesting, insightful and funny and I recommend a watch:

The audience was almost as interesting as the speakers. As you can imagine this kind of event attracts people with slightly more extreme views. A couple of people asking questions were blatantly there with their own agenda and weren’t going to be swayed by any of the arguments put forward to them. One man almost had to be removed after he got completely the wrong end of the stick when a woman in the audience quoted the pigs from Animal Farm: “All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others”. He started to shout at the panellists that they had no right to call Christians pigs and that they were pigs themselves. No amount of explanation from the Chair would persuade this man that he’d got it wrong. He was completely deaf to all other views.

Another rather vocal individual turned out to be the author of a badly written pamphlet that Carl found on the way in. Badly written but still full of enough utter rubbish that I spent most of the time reading it with my mouth open.

The very first section accuses secularists of “sticking blindly to what [they] want to believe, even when the science and statistics are against [them]; and claiming authority and power over the lives of others despite this blinkeredness“. The following four A4 sides include a veritable smorgasbord of “science and stats”, figures, results and studies which he claims backs up his arguments. These include:

  • Condom use doesn’t work as an AIDS prevention measure and actually increases STDs
  • Sex education increases the chance of having multi partners, increases pregnancy and abortion, and encourages teenagers to have sex
  • Abortion is murder
  • Gay people (or homosexuals as he insists on calling them) are more promiscuous, have more failed relationships (“automatically increas(ing) relationship instability as a whole”), and are more likely to abuse children
  • The media is to blame for the lack of openness about Catholic child abuse as they would have made the lives of all involved even more intolerable (oh, and 81% of Catholic abuse was carried out by gay people…I mean homosexuals)

Cleverly (especially considering the standard of English) he never states any of the above outright, only ever strongly implying it all. I’m assuming this is to reduce the prospect of hate crime punishment.

The British Humanist Association and the National Secular Society are blamed for all of the above because they have a “more sexually lax philosophy“, they “present…the idea that extramarital sex and promiscuity are normal“, and they “prefer…simplistic dogma and slogans…like ‘homosexuality is simply a matter of equality’“.

The conclusion? (oh yes, there is a conclusion): “…the secularists’ revisionism is sex-centred, so (we’d assume logically) seem to be their motives…whereas the Christian alternative has produced incomparably better statistics on all these fronts…”

Christians are not being bashed. They’re being challenged. And when there are people out there with views as abhorrent as this man I hope we continue to bash those particular Christians who are ignorant enough to believe and spread this utter rubbish.

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  1. November 4, 2010 1:15 PM

    Thanks for the report, sorry I couldn’t make it!

    There’s an interesting piece at the New Humanist blog about the debate in which the author sums it up by saying that “it was distressing to realise how deeply entrenched anti-gay sentiment still is.”

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