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We live in a supposedly rational world. Science and reason have brought us to a point where we can ask questions that go beyond superstition and look at the true nature of the universe. We can try to understand how the world works, and our place in it. What can we know? How can we know it? What is our place in the universe? How far can science take us? What about rational thought?

At the same time, there is a seepage of irrationality into our lives. We see reports of creationism being taught alongside the theory of the big bang, intelligent design alongside evolution. The media perpetuate stories with no scientific basis to create the myth of vaccine-induced autism and deaths. Every day there are examples of people creating arguments out of nothing, using logical fallacies and misinformation to convert people to their cause; climate change denialism immediately springs to mind as one of the most important. Why, more than two hundred years after The Enlightenment, do we allow this to happen?

This is an attempt to talk about both sides of the coin. We’ll argue about questions about what we can know as well as look at the role that irrationality can and does play in society. Science and reason can tell us some amazing things, and it’s those things, and the central role that they should play in our lives, that we’ll be looking at. Lots of these questions don’t have obvious answers, so this is a place to argue and to test ideas in an attempt to clarify our thoughts.

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